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Excellent Service experience by ASUS

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I am sharing my awesome experience with ASUS.

I gave my mobile to service center in Sep 2020 regarding screen burn issue and air trigger issue. My screen got repalced and everything was working fine after receiving the handset from service center. But my warranty got expired in 2nd week of Oct and after that I started experiencing Air trigger issue again. So in Nov 2nd week( after one month of warranty expiry) I connected with @Christine_ASUS and she handled my case excellently by providing forwarding my case to Asus India division and thereafter I got Free of Cost service even in Out of warranty scenario.
My screen got replaced without a single penny charged even when my handset was out of warranty.

I would like to thank @Christine_ASUS for handling my case so nicely.

I am very happy with the Asus service. Never experienced such a scenario where screen replacement work was done Free of Cost in a out of warranty scenario.


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My pleasure 😉 Cheers!

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Just wondering here, don't you get a warranty on services done at the service center?
Asking because IIRC Logitech gave me 90 day warranty on serviced products irrespective of actual warranty expiring earlier than that.