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Display Red tint issue on my Rog 2

Star III
I recently received the Rog 2 Indian unit, and while tinkering with the brightness I found something weird, that is if I set the brightness from 0-50% the dark grey Colors (like the ones used in google apps for dark mode, and the dark grey color used in the notification bar of the Rog if the system theme is set to dark)
The dark grey Colors at lower brightness (i.e from 0-50%) seems to be reddish.
Below I have attached two pics, take of the Rog 2.

The app used was inshorts (in its dark mode) the one with dark grey color is the real color of the app seen above 50% brightness and the other reddish tint is seen from 0% brightness.
P.s it's not the wallpaper or any specific app it happens with any wallpaper, any app which uses the dark grey color(like google photos, Goole play store dark etc.)  and it can be seen at lower brightness. The thing was very hard to click on camera but I still clicked it.

It's something similar to the S8 red tint and the pixel blue tint.
Yes, in the Rog telegram group I did find another person who has the same issue and hence it seems like a fault from Asus.
Also I tried reaching Asus but as usual they aren't replying.
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Rising Star II
Even i am facing the same issue, notification panel is red when brightness below 50%

Rising Star I
Same issue here.
It is most prominently visible at 30-45% brightness with the ROG Dark Theme on and under dark environment.
I get the feeling that as if to reduce brightness, a sort of red tint is overlayed. Could be software issue, could be Panel issue.

Rising Star II
@LP_ASUS Any update if this is a hardware problem or can be fixed through software update because if it's hardware then we need to replace the unit within a time frame as we ordered it from Flipkart
@Anders_ASUS Can you please help in this case

Star II
I have the same issue. I would like to know if it's a defect in panel or something else? If it's a defect, I can ask for replacement in flipkart.. but I need to know within the return window..

Star II
Same issue here. Tinting is more pronounced while using 120hz but also visible in other modes as well. Its clearly showing grey as a shade of red mixed to it.
Mod kindly reply if this is a software issue or a hardware one.