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Dead Motherboard of ROG 2 phone

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG 2 Phone.
Rooted or not: NOT.
Frequency of Occurrence: Frequently before officially dead.
This is just ranting due to my frustration with this product. Bought Asus ROG 2 phone.. intended to use it for 3 years plus ( I'm aware that an electronic device's life expectancy is 3+ years and below 5 years). The phone dead before 2 years of use. The technician asks if I use the game for gaming (causing the overheating problem).. It is a GAMING phone and NO. I didn't really use the phone for gaming still the motherboard of the fragile phone is dead. Have to pay almost half of the original phone price to repair. After 1 year of use.. or maybe the frequent update that I believe is supposed to help with the performance, I have been experiencing screen freeze and overheating problems which I disregard because it is not frequent and I find tips for fixing it from this forum. But it is only a temporary solution.
Maybe I bought the defective product.. but the problem only occurred after the warranty expired. I hope there's something for me as a user to be protected from this in the future. Maybe if I were offered to extend my warranty when purchasing, I'll do it. It cost too much to change the motherboard. Not worth it for me to pay 854.60 USD (RM3600 in my country) for the original product and then another 593.47usd (RM2500) for the new motherboard or and 11 USD (RM50) just to check the problem at the Asus service centre. Let's be real... ROG 2 motherboard has a lot of problems. Not sure if it is still worth it to purchase the ROG 5 for my next phone. Btw.. my previous android phone lasts for 5 years so does my laptop. I know how to take care of my electronic devices. The problem is ROG 2 motherboard.

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I also facing the same issue. After using ROG 2 Phone for 2 years, the is dead and Asus services centre said that the mainboard have to change and it cost half of the price.