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Charging Port Heating

Star I
ASUS ROG 2 - A10/WW-17.0230.2002.32/ NOT ROOTED
Normal day! charging the phone as usual, suddenly a notification came, and found out this(screenshot). after removing the cable I checked, that bottom usb port got extremely heated up and not charging. after that the port is not working for charging or data transfer or not connecting to pen drive. last night i have cleaned up the usb port using little alcohol(nail remover) the port is started to work again. i though its cleaned and ready to work again. but not. it started to heat once i put in charger but not all the times. thank to asus rog 2 for having extra side usb port, i can charge my device, really stuck in this pandemic situation with this problem. the usb port works for pen drives, but when i put charger on, sometimes works and sometimes heated up like hell and device stopped charging by itself and getting this notification (screenshot). currently not using bottom port for charging.
I know its a hardware issue but I cant fix right now cause of service center closed(LOCKDOWN) and also the service center is not nearby.