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Call of duty mobile screen flickering issue and black screen issue

Rising Star I
While playing cod mobile battle royale the phone gets hang and suddenly starts to flicker in game. Sometimes i get black screen while playing cod battle royal.
Only option is to restart the mobile.
But i got this mobile for gaming but not able to play cod battle royal. Waste of time and money .
I am not having this issue in cod multiplayer matches.
Fix this in next update. Got this mobile for cod only but now that game itself not working properly.


Star I
I am using Asus Zenfone 5Z and I continuously get a black screen while playing CODM(Battle Royale Mode Sply). This problem started after I updated to Android 10. Is there any way you could fix this problem. It makes my gameplay pathetic. Is the Andriod 10 patch stable?

Star II
You don't need to restart the phone, just force stop COD Mobile and reopen it. Most of the times you won't even die 😉

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I also facing same problem with my zenfone lite. Pls try to fix it ASAP

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I also facing same problem with my zenfone lite. Pls try to fix it ASAP

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As Anders_ASUS has said:
"This seems to be a general issue with COD. If you google it you will see that other manufacturers have similar threads. Please contact the developer"