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No ViLTE support on ROG Phone2 !?

There's no native video calling support on this phone (Video over LTE). Whenever I choose to video call from the dialer it's redirects me to Duo to continue the video call using the internet. Is the phone using the outdated technology for this featur...

ASUS ROG Phone 2 - AeroActive Cooler II sound issues

Hello, I've encountered a problem with the AeroActive Cooler II while playing games. If I have my headset plugged into the 3.5 jack of the Cooler and unmute (default is muted) my microphone when playing (PUBGM & CODM), the sound output changes to the...

Lulleh by Star III
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Mobile network connection issue

I am using ROG 2 in UK. I am able to make calls and send messages.But my mobile data connection is not working at all. I tried the following too.1. Performing factory reset2. Manually set APNWith the same SIM card I am able to access mobile network i...

Suryaa by Star I
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viper4android effects

has anyone tried installing viper4android ? i am facing distorted bass issue here.tried force stop audiowizard. Any suggestions will be appreciated. thank you

Swaraj by Rising Star II
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Battery Callibrated Stats

Did the battey callibration and these are the results.Is it justified let me know. Would like others to contribute to this as well by performing the calibration.

Resolved! How do I switch back to ROG UI?

I am on my second week on the ROG Phone 2. I'm loving it! However, I set up the stock android UI and wish to change back to the ROG skin. How do I do this? Thanks in advance

Plans for VOLTE on ROG Phone II

So, I am one of those ROG Phone II owners (global version) and go figure, I do not have VOLTE on my phone as well. I've been reading up some posts and forums in regards to VOLTE. What I get from it all is that the option for VOLTE requires both parti...

I am facing some problem in my rog phone 2

Whenever i unlock my device with fingerprint it gets stuck and gets hangs for a minute.this only happens sometimes but it happens 4 to 5 times a day..its feels so irritating with new phone.The 6000mah seems to be only for name seek i am just getting ...

Aadish by Star II
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flaws or area of improvement in Rog2

Correction issue. While typing if i want to select between space of small text like between if to. It is hard to find the right spot. I have to zoom in to mark the right spot.Hide option in gallary. There are pics or contents you want to keep it hidd...

3D mark score

The upper score is with X mode on there is huge difference with the game mode on. It's like 30% boost with one button touch. I have not used cooler fans and using the phone in outdoor environment. We can expect 10% more boost if using in controlled ...