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Air trigger problem

When i buy this phone the air trigger was like pressing a real physical button but with the new updates its disappear now its normal touch I don't know if this a bug or there's something in the settings

Moha by Star III
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Push to talk in pubg doesnt work

Dear pubg players, when i talk directly in game teammates can hear me but when i use push to talk they cant hear me Need help fixing this.earphone im using is soundmagic e10c.

Noir by Rising Star I
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Network speed issue

I recently noticed that the network speed doesn't show the data transfer speed when the another device is connected to my rog2. In short, rog 2 doesn't show the speed of data drawn by another device connected to rog2.

Flickering while scrolling

This issues has just appeared this morning for the first time.Please check the screen recording

OPC by Zen Master II
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Android 10 beta bug.

There is bud that I noticed in battery icon when just using FAST CHARGING (not hyper charge). Refer picture

wLz_137 by Star I
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Charging port is burn to hot

what is spec original asus cable type -C ? i'm charge it with asus original adapter ,but another cable type-C also , but it noticed to pull out the charger and it to hot.. why ? did rog phone does not support other type-C cable than the original ? he...

Network Drop Rog 2.. Shame??

After last two updates, My network is too low even sometimes working stop... please fix as soon as possible... this is premium ohone not a budget phone.. i biy ay 36000 still this problem.. Please improve otherwise i deal with realme brand.... ??

Applock blocking notifications

At first I was receiving notification when I first installed the apps but after I found app lock and decided to lock them while playing games I would pull down on the tab and see no messages in the notification bar and I had alert off, so I won't be ...