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Adobe products unavailable for ROG photo 2

I know it's not Asus' fault that Rog phone or any other Asus' phone is not supported by the Adobe premiere rush or newly released Adobe Photoshop camera, but having a color accurate display and powerful internals really didn't makes sense that we can...

Vamp by Zen Master I
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ROG : List of Problems

New ROG 3 is on the way ..but what about its problems, Asus yet to provide solutions.1. Battery draining since Android 10 update..!!!2. Selfie Camera affected after new ...2004.9 update.3. Refresh rate behaves like 60hz when battery drops to 15%4. F...

Sourabh by Rising Star I
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Tap to wake on the ROG Phone 2

Hello. Is anyone experiencing highly incosistent behaviour regarding the "tap to wake" function?I am pretty much at 50/50 if the phone will wake or not. I have tried to only use the exact middle of the screen with precise taps and sometimes it just w...

Trine by Star II
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Rog 3 with stable Android 10 MEANS.......

If rog 3 able to launch with stable A10 mean it is not a problem for developer to give rog 2 stable A10 right ? Unless they plan to become like apple who update their phone to make thing worse so the consumer will buy the latest rog 3 ?? Hmmmm somet...

Dkz89 by Star III
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Wifi shows no internet

After connected to wifi for a while the phone starts showing that the wifi is connect but with no internet. It's the problem with my internet connections I have checked in other phones and pc and it is working fine. The only way to solve is by reconn...


Okay i might have over reacted over 2 freeze and called out devs badly which is bad but i was really angry and pissed. I felt like i was scammed by asus thats why i was angry at asus devs because they were not fixing the software. I am sorry for my c...

by Not applicable
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ROG 3 launch in July and ROG 2 status on A10

With the imminent launch of ROG 3 in July, ASUS should really first sort out the bugs that users have been listing over the past few months including game lags, battery drain (unlike A9), charging issues etc. With a small mobile division, I'm pretty ...

Asphalt 9 on Rog phone 2

Here is the screen recording of my game in multiplayer with real time info. Here you can see how the screen recording on 720p works, how air triggers work, real time info on performance. This is after playing the whole evening in X-mode settings on m...

OPC by Zen Master II
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Planning to buy the rog phone 2 strix edition

So I was planning to buy the rog phone 2 strix edition here in the Philippines but I have read so much issues about the rog phone 2 in general. May I please ask for your opinions if it's a good buy or will I just be wasting money for a faulty device?...