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Battery not charging while gaming.

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Is this an issue? While i play games on my rog phone 2 the battery does not charge at all the % don't increase even after 1-2 hour of gaming it remains same
Is this an issue is this happening with everyone or just me?

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Please help.i am having battery drain problem on my Asus ROG Phone 2. While I charge it showing charging but it's not charging and later on stop of charging. Battery power decreasing down but charging take long time and need to check whether it's stop or not. Please help.

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When you say the phone is not charging, do you mean you are using the phone at the time? Or it simply will not charge at all, even when not in use?
If you are using the phone and charging at the same time, most likely the system is slowing charging speed due to excess heat to save the battery.

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i am facing it too..i am using the original 18w charger..when playing pubg(hdr/extreme) while charging ..battery percentage goes down every 6-7minutes...!

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18w charger doesn't charge phone during gamig !
Use 30w hyper charger !
I faced this issue too. ...? While playing PUBG !