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Phone over heats while gaming

Phone heats especially in the cooling pad region above 47 degrees.Damn .Any suggestions apart from Air coolers .System is up to date.

Always on display

Provide functionality to set time for on/off always on display automatically. And show notification icons.


Hello,I know this topic has been discussed before, but no proper solution has been offered. In the USA, the 3 major carriers are Verizon, ATT, and TMobile. In 2020, Verizon is shutting down 3g (CDMA) and ATT is starting to shut their 3G down as well....

Broken Bass function in Audio Wizard(?)

Hello community. I've got my ROG Phone 2 a week ago and I'm having a great time with it, except for few issues.Now I found that "Bass" bar in AudioWizard is functioning in the opposite way.Issue I found: The bass should improve when we increase the l...


Issues spotted

1. Fingerprint scanner not working well. 3/10 times it scans2. Screen flickering issues are there.3. Camera lags in quality of photo4. Brightness issue is also thereWhen these issues will fixed?

ROG 2 screen brightness is high at 0%

ASUS Team,ROG 2 screen brightness is high for night time use. I usually check my office emails while in the bed during night time, but it is hard to use my new Rog 2 even with 0% brightness. It irritate the eyes heavily. Could you provide some s...

Accessories available for rog 2

Hello Asus team please make sure availability of basic accessories like tempered glass & back cover in Indian market as already known the smartphone don't comes with pre applied glass & the case inside box is just for showcase purpose as it can't giv...

Subhendu by Rising Star I
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Purpose of secondary flash light

Hello @Asus lab could you please let us know what is the purpose of secondary flash which is given in the rog 2 phone ? Where only one light is glowing for flash purpose .

Subhendu by Rising Star I
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