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Charger not working properly,shows 4 hours of full charge,the word fast charging isn't appearing in 

Center Display for 1920 x 1080 p (display scaling -> standard mode)

The app selector (recent app button) has a display scaling option that allows standard or default mode, for apps that don't work well in 2340x1080p, you can run them in 1920x1080p.HOWEVER, this is centered from the top left, resulting in awkward disp...

leafy by Star III
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Number of WiFi Antennas on the Indian 8GB/128GB variant

Hi all,I wanted to get this clarified. Had contacted Customer Desk for answers but nothing.How many WiFi antennas does the Indian 8GB/128GB variant have on it. During product launch, it was told that the ROG Phone II has 4 antennas but is it the same...

disappearing app icon after install

So I have installed Asus ZenTalk app.It will sit at home page and app drawer. after awhile, the icon of this app will disappear from phone. When I try searching it, it returns with no results. But when I search it in the play store, instead of ins...

Resolved! Bug with Air Triggers - Touch stops working

I discovered that if you're holding one of the Air Triggers and the phones orientation changes. The touch screen becomes unresponsive unless you touch the air trigger again.Just a minor annoyance that can happen.

Volodesi by Rising Star II
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Alphabetize launcher "Smart Groups"...?

I love my ROG phone so far, but have one annoyance that I have been unable to figure out...I've got a decent number of apps installed, and find the "smart group" feature very helpful. However, when I add an app, or move one between groups, it just g...

JeffB by Star III
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