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Issues spotted

1. Fingerprint scanner not working well. 3/10 times it scans2. Screen flickering issues are there.3. Camera lags in quality of photo4. Brightness issue is also thereWhen these issues will fixed?

ROG 2 screen brightness is high at 0%

ASUS Team,ROG 2 screen brightness is high for night time use. I usually check my office emails while in the bed during night time, but it is hard to use my new Rog 2 even with 0% brightness. It irritate the eyes heavily. Could you provide some s...

Accessories available for rog 2

Hello Asus team please make sure availability of basic accessories like tempered glass & back cover in Indian market as already known the smartphone don't comes with pre applied glass & the case inside box is just for showcase purpose as it can't giv...

Subhendu by Rising Star I
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Purpose of secondary flash light

Hello @Asus lab could you please let us know what is the purpose of secondary flash which is given in the rog 2 phone ? Where only one light is glowing for flash purpose .

Subhendu by Rising Star I
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Asus rog phone camera : motion tracking

Hey can anyone tell me what does motion tracking feature do on rog2....I think it way made for 6z and ported to rog2..Can any one make a video of what it does ??please

Twinview as keyboard...?

Is it possible to use the Twinview dock as a keyboard for an app on the second screen?

JeffB by Star III
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Texting Issues

My Rog 2 isn't regularly receiving texts. This isn't an Apple/Android problem. I'm not receiving texts from either operating systems. I install the same sim card in another Android phone and texting works fine.

kolhoss by Star II
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Latest OTA update

Hello everyone could anyone please tell what is last security patch level rog 2 phone has got ?

Subhendu by Rising Star I
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