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Battery Drain

Star III


Star III
Never thought 6000mah drains this way and no reply from any mod!! Only getting SOT max 4.5hrs

Rising Star II
Man, just clear the cache on google play services app..
Charge it and enjoy 6+ hrs sot

Hall of Fame III
I will ask someone from our R&D to explain to me in a more detailed manner how we're supposed to interpret these statistics.
Google hasn't acknowledged that users care about SOT. The actual number that is tied to it. So there's no explanation on what is included in this number when you click at it.
You battery usage stats are a perfect example of this. It reports 2h and 51min SOT but you also have have unknown time of JioTV usage, 1h 46min YouTube and 1h 36h min PUBG. It doesn't add up. I'm pretty sure other apps that requires the screen to be active were used.
Then we have 40 min voice calls. This can have a major effect on battery if the signal strength was weak. The stats also doesn't tell how bright the screen was.
On top of all this we have a bug that reports Google Play services to have drawn 8% of power even though this isn't true. A fix for this will come in Android Q.
So you see, it's really hard even for me to understand what I'm looking at. I hope I understand a little more after my mail correspondence with our experts to see if I can give you an even better explanation to why you only got less than 3h of SOT

Star III
I never uses Jiotv, it always drain battery without any usage.
so i put Jiotv on Restriction.
And about youtube its premium, so i used to hear music without screen on. thats why SOT was not not added
Brightness i never adjust it manually always use adaptive Brightness on