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Asus Rog Phone 2 won't charge from bottom USB C port unless phone is restarted

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I am unable to charge my phone from bottom USB C port , unless i restart my phone.
Once phone is restarted while connected to charger it detects charging from bottom USB C port.

But if i unplug and plug in again it is not detected

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Hi @Gustav_ASUS ,
I had two fold problem Hardware + Software.
Hardware problem resulted due to splashes of water on Bottom Usb C port. This was resolved by replacing the Bottom USB C port.
Software Problem was due to Charger Type not being set when the charger cable was plugged in while device was ON. This is a typical Kernel Flag issue and after unlocking Device bootloader i was able to tweak the flags.
I will not recommend software solution to anyone because it will lead to voiding Warranty
Sorry i won't be able to share my Device's logs , since i have done many customization's and i don't want to share details

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Hi @ronkpa7 ,
I would suggest you try alchol wipe on Bottom Usb C port. And also visit Service center once.
If your device is in Warranty its best to get that port replaced 😀

Same thing is happening to me, it is not charging from the bottom port, charging fine with the side port. Once i keep the charger in the bottom port and restart the device it starts charging. This is a really messed up software issue that should be addressed please.

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Also mine just started doing that yesterday, if i plug it only charges deom the side port.

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I also experience this problem now and it makes it difficult for me to work to find news. If I already know how I want to share my personal experience on my website