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Asus becomes an verified unity engine partner

Community Legend I
ROG Phone SDK for Unity helps game devs support ROG Phone II and 3Most android games (codm,pubgm) have been made using unity engine
A partnership between Asus and unity means better in engine optimisation for Rog and better compatibility with Asus proprietary stuff (air triggers) and various accessories
Asus Rog phone 2 and 3 SDK will be open source to all the developers using unity engine for their games
That's a great news for both the upcoming Rog 3 and the Rog phone 2
It's good that Asus decided to include the Rog 2 in the program too


Rising Star I
This is honestly a really great move! This is the kind of stuff that I was really hoping ASUS would pull off. A collaboration with Unity would help with optimizing multiple games for ROG Phones. All past, present, and future games made with Unity would now be able to take advantage of ROG hardware (assuming the developers enable it of course).
Now I'm really looking forward to a 5G compatible ROG Phone III (hopefully with VoLTE and adequate band support) when it comes out. If it keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack then it's a must buy for me.
Great work ASUS team! 👍

Star II
ROG 3 comparability with twin dock 2 also is essential... I don't want to buy new peripheral all the time

Rising Star II
Fix the right trigger issue.

Rising Star II
Hope Asus will work with Tencent's game on global version device as well.
China's moba game is really addictive even I can't read chinese,i totally in love with the game.