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Air Trigger issue

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Experiencing some issue with my right air trigger. Button press is sometimes unresponsive and intermittent. Notice it after the latest firmware update. Sometimes the button press would "flicker" when I'm holding it down. Want to know if it's a software bug or hardware issue. Hopefully someone can enlighten me.
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Yes running .44

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i think i need to reflash to oldest version of glabal or stock cn firmware?
guys what version should i download?

Rising Star II
Check for raw firmware guide made by jazonx

Star III
I have the same issue but with the left trigger. It flickers or becomes unresponsive during gameplay. Started happening after OTA update. Please fix the bug. Also if they could just add accent colors for UI, would be absolute Joy to use.

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This video Will show the exactly problem we're having with right trigger on Rog Phone 2. As you can See left trigger (Blue) works perfectly.

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I recently had word with asus service center and they said the team is working on same and it should be fixed in next fota.fingers crossed