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ROG 2 Firsthand Review

Star III
Here are my actual thoughts after the first day testing.
1. Red tint issue exists and is more prominent at 120Hz. It only happens in Asus UI theme and not in the classic theme. Maybe its just the theme issue.
2. Normal heating same as other phones (maybe less than my iPhone 7 plus) at extreme gaming for a testing period of 1 hour with the provided case on.
3. Battery lasted a day with a normal usage of gaming, videos, social media and browsing. I drained the battery to 0% after booting it for the first time and later charging it to 100% before carrying out the battery drain test.
4. There were few missed on screen touch (click). It maybe just me coming from iPhone 7plus
5. I felt the finger print scanner is fast and not as slow as many bloggers suggest. Facial recognition is way better.