Air Trigger issue



  • I'm sure they are trying to fix it. They have reached out to me for video of the issue and logs of my phone. Hopefully those are sufficient for them to pin point the problem.

  • This video Will show the exactly problem we're having with right trigger on Rog Phone 2. As you can See left trigger (Blue) works perfectly.

  • Well that's the same. It's worse for me as a sniper with ADS on. I won't even fire. Just my avatar hesitating whether to aim down sight or not.

  • Even if I manage to fire, the timing would be completely off and miss. Well, it's a game breaking for a gaming phone for sure. I hope fixing this would be one of the priority for the dev. Incidentally, I experienced a touch screen bug when using kunai gamepad last night. My touch screen would become totally unresponsive, and I had to put my phone to sleep and unlock it again for it to work. Haven't been able to reproduce it again though.

  • I have the same issue too (But with my left trigger). I read this post 1 day ago but I found a temporary "fix" and it's been working pretty well after a few hours now so I don't know if it will return. I'm not sure what it is that fixed it but one thing I noticed is that, when I set the trigger sensitivity from 3 to 1, it made it more responsive for longer on COD Mobile before the left trigger started to flicker again. Shortly after that, I drained my phone to 0% (Probably the first time I've ever done that on this phone considering that the battery life is excellent for me) and after I charged it up to 90%, I fancied another game of COD mobile hoping that the issue would randomly go away, and it's been working flawlessly even after an hour. Hopefully this will help, I'll try setting my setting my sensitivity back to 3 again to see if it still works well, but I've found myself getting used to playing with high sensitivity.

  • For me, if it acts up pretty badly, the best I can do is to leave the trigger alone for like 5 seconds, without any input. There's a small chance that it would work properly for maybe the next minute or so without problem. But it always returns after awhile, especially if I am playing long sessions.

  • Hi, can you pass me the link where you bought it? I am interested in buying this device

  • Hi jairo, I have no idea if u meant the phone or gamepad, but I pre-ordered both from Asus online store in my country and had it delivered to me. The online store website differs for each country, so it may be better for u to Google for it or something.

  • This is what happening with me

  • I now kind of check my phone for software update every hour or so, hoping for something to change.

  • Guys I found a temporary workarounds for Air Trigger issue.

    I have issues using my Left Air Trigger.

    Work Around 1- Launch the game and after loading bring up Game Genie toolbar and select AirTriggers. Air Triggers mapping shows up. Then turn off and on AirTriggers twice or thrice. After this I found my AirTriggers to work fine.

    Work Around 2- Launch the game and while in the game, make a call to your phone from different phone. Answer it from the game itself. Disconnect and pull down Notification bar, go to settings and come back to game. AirTriggers would work normally. I know this is super annoying but this worked for me twice.

    Either of work arounds should work but the problem comes back when ever the so called Gamers phone decides to screw you! I hope ROG team does better software testing before pushing the builds!!

  • I have the same issue with left trigger but its gone after last update.i thought its gone forever but yesterday i formatted my device and now again sometimes while playing cod it happening and it starts flickering. Earlier i though my device air triggers have fault and i already set it out for replacement but after reading this whole thread..its not only me thats having the issue.

    Asus must have to do something about it and as a gaming phone...its utmost important to have triggers working perfectly.

    1. Air triggers not working good

    2. Camera not at all good needs optimization

    3. Red tint issue still no resolution.

    4. Fingerprint is a hit or miss..atleast need to touch 3-4 times.

    5. Face unlock is also not perfect.

    What the hell asus has done before launching this device. Dont make me or every other Asus Rog 2 user feel that they have done a mistake buying this device.

  • It seems that this phone was produced by children of 12 years, has too many SW errors and I do not even want to imagine the ones you will have from HW, such as dust entering the device

  • JG87JG87 Level 1

    Upper/left finger air trigger Blue(L1/L2) and Bottom/Right finger air trigger Red(R1/R2).

    Blue(upper/left finger) air trigger both L1 and L2 are working. In Red(bottom/right finger) air trigger the R1 is working but R2 side is either unresponsive or 1 time response(when you press down it only trigger once but will not hold) or flickering(when press down the response flicker).

    So when playing game I'm stretching my right index finger just to reach R1. please let me know if you guys having same problem. is it due to software update? cause i start only noticing this after OCT 24.

    Note: all other setting like Squeeze gesture are all disable. I speculate that it had Left/Blue(L1/L2) and Right/Read(R1/R2) is when you run you finger in Air trigger it looks like both of the air trigger have two part sensor.

  • JG87JG87 Level 1

    can you have Nightsilvance if have same issue?

    Blue(upper/left finger) air trigger both L1 and L2 are working. In Red(bottom/right finger) air trigger the R1 is working but R2 side is either unresponsive or 1 time response(when you press down it only trigger once but will not hold) or flickering(when press down the response flicker).

  • JG87JG87 Level 1

    this the same thing happen to me when I'm pressing the lower(R2) part of the right/red trigger but both side of the left/Blue L1,L2 are working fine.

  • Yeah sounds exactly the same. But now we can only wait for the next update.

  • I have the same issue with right air trigger as mentioned?.. is there any solution?.

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