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About the Ram management

Rising Star I
I'm not a heavy user. Almost every day i need to restart the phone to clear the ram. Phone start to hanging every day with a average, i don't play games also. Its start with the Android 10 update. I never had this problem before. Tell me any solution for this. What should i do about this.

Hall of Fame III

Already did but nothing happen facing same issue again

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In what app(s) does it crash?

Rising Star I
Stremio app . This is a video viewing app. When I'm watching video i use other player for streaming after 10 min that stremio get refresh and my streaming link got fail

Community Legend III
Sorry for the late reply. Are you still encountering this issue with the latest firmware update?

Rising Star II
This latest update seems to have made it even more aggressive. Don't really believe this is an ASUS facing issue though. Android 10 is just annoying on how it manages apps.

I pretty much run one game which has me checking in every few hours for commissions. It can be the only app running and I go upstairs to make food for 15 minutes and it is closed when I get back. I even locked the phone with the game running. I have it has not being Optimized in the Android Settings and have it set to Auto-Start in the ASUS Power Master. The game barely uses any RAM, which is like 100MB-800MB. My max RAM usage from 24 hours is only 5.6 GB/12 GB. So I don't get why my apps keep getting closed. I've been rebooting my phone once a week to try and help.

Going to try disabling OptiFlex, since it mentions "saves power on standby".