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Why are the air triggers so sticky?

Star II

The air triggers on my ROG8 pro are so sticky, sometimes requires a lot of pressure, sometimes it works on its own and sometimes stops working randomly! I have used all previous devices except ROG7, these seems like the worst air triggers ever! They are as reliable as aftermarket cheap stick on triggers! 


Rising Star I

 This forum is full of this problem ... I have the phone for almost 3 months and nothing has been solved, in fact I already think that they can not solve it , they have screenshots, logs, experiences, complaints and do nothing about it , I am 99% convinced that I will sell the phone and never buy Asus again , the phone costs too much money to afford such ignorance , this is not Red Magic for 700 euros, where you can squint your eye ...

I think same, now with this new update my triggers don't work properly and now when I use the case for cooler X my left trigger stops working and sometimes when I touch right side of my screen vibrates like if I was touching right trigger wtf bro, this phone it's trash never though I was going to have any problem with Asus but nah mods don't answer posts or messages, it's like if we don't exist and the triggers and now armoury crate bug which makes processor works all time at high performance making us get high temperatures bruh I feel so mad of this situation. 

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Rog Phone 7 on ollut jo kohta 5 kuukautta käyttökelvoton A14 päivityksen takia. Suorituskyky laski todella rajusti ja puhelimet ylikuumenevat vaikka niitä ei käytä. Onneksi itse sain downgraden vakaaseen A13 järjestelmään ja puhelin toimii taas loistavasti ilman mitään ongelmia. En suosittele Asuksen tuotteita kenellekkään!

Rising Star II

Dude, it's because of the recent update. ROG 7 users also have been experiencing the same issues. I have asked ROG 7 users to gather their logs when temp goes up or air triggers mis behave and send them to @Mattias_ASUS ! I suggest you to do the same. We're all having overheating , fps drop , and air triggers misbehave issues. And it's all caused by A14. Our phones never had these issues on A13