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¡¡¡Armoury crate bugued!!!!Could any Mod help?!

Star III

I've made some testing and the only way stops heating at least playing because it's the only place we can use a modified profile, stopped heating when I reduced the values and maintain the old good temperatures as it used to be before last update, but when I'm not gaming and I have to use dynamic or X mode or the ultra saver mode the phone comes back to heat whatever the mode I choose so..please it's here any mod who can take note of this or give me any solution for this bugging armoury crate? Need a solution. #Armoury Crate #Bug


Rising Star II

Dude, it's because of the update. ROG 7 users also have been experiencing the same issues. I have asked ROG 7 users to gather their logs when temp goes up and send them to @Mattias_ASUS ! I suggest you to do the same. We're all having overheating , fps drop , and air triggers misbehave issues. And it's all caused by A14. Our phones never had these issues on A13.

I've sent my logs but Mod never answered me, I feel so frustrated and ignored to be honest, this was an so expensive phone (bought the 16 ram 512 internal) and this people treat us like if we bought a 10 dollars phone, they don't tell us if they're preparing any new update to fix this or something they just stay quiet and that's so annoying and even more frustrating. 

Last week, I collected and asked ROG 7 users to send their logs to @Mattias_ASUS ! He also replied us. I totally get your frustrations and I feel for you because I'm exactly standing on the same spot with my faulty ROG 7 running A14. I highly suggest you to DM @Mattias_ASUS once again and ask for a solution. That's what I did, he will definitely get back to you and it may take some time but he will , He always did with me .