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Straight out of the box, and AnimeVision is already not working?

Star II


Just bought ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition and opened it straight out of the box. When I started the phone, I was prompted to copy all my data from my previous Phone through a USB(which I did since my old ROG 5S Wifi has already stopped working, so I have to transfer through a cable). After a few hippucs of the transfer data sometimes prompting to reconnect the cable(even with the new cable), I was finally able to fully copied all data and started the tutorial game which I skipped through as I was in a hurry. When I was prompted to put the Phone inside the slider of the box that shows Anime Vision, I was cautious when nothing happened before the Phone said to remove it from the box.


I've been resetting the phone ever since and turning one and off AnimeVision from Armory Crate, but still haven't turned on...

Is this simply a software bug? Or is my phone doomed from a hardware problem? AnimeVision is a minor feature, but it's ridiculous if the QC can be this bad for a phone I paid a hefty sum of money for...



That looks odd, if you turn off and on your phone, while booting the AniMe Vision should light up, please restart your phone and see if it's visible.

Is this what you meant?

When you reboot the phone the back will light up to with a ROG logo for a second. If its not turning on then i think its faulty hardware.

I would recommend you contacting your reseller or reaching out to one of our ASUS Service Centers, that is not normal.