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air triggers competent expression ....

Rising Star I

can someone competent please comment on the air triggers, what to do next with the phone, put it on a complaint or will this problem be fixed by an SW update? I have a phone since 26.2.2024 and there is still no problem not fixed but not even named, we are already several quite frustrated with this situation because somehow nothing is happening.... constantly jams air trigger , especially the left side ...



In which scenario is this happening? The ROG Phone 8 has received updates improving the AirTriggers and they will keep working on them.
Could you send a little video on how it happens?

Hallo, thanks, we have around 3 phone 8 horn and all have the same bug, it doesn't matter what scenario, just during the game the left trigger will trigger itself, I have a shooting set on it and it continuously shoots until I press the trigger again, it just triggers itself without activation and stays active until it is pressed again.

es, now I'm trying, when I touch the back side in the anime vision places, when I play , the triggers are triggered when I touch the back cover ....

Same problem with rog phone 8 

When i touch the back cover trigger works automatically