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ROG phone 8 bug report

My data and Apps were transferred from my previous ROG phone 3 to ROG phone 8. I found that all transferred Apps won't show any notification until you open it all the apps and enable the notification. The most inconvenient one was for WhatsApp, where people kept calling me, my phone just kept ringing but no info at all on my screen, no call to pick or hang up, no information at all what was going on. I found out later that it was coming from WhatsApp only after launching the App for the first time after data transfer.

Couldn't we get a notification of what App is trying to open instead of disabling all notification until permissions are granted upon opening?


Rising Star I

I think that's a problem with android in general. At least for me, the couple times I've transferred stuff from one phone to the next, I have to reapply my settings for battery optimization and notifications

On a separate note, since you are the first person I've heard has the phone in hand, could you check in the developer settings if ASUS included an option to unlock the bootloader? They seemingly closed the servers for the unlock app for most of their other phones, and I was curious if the ROG 8 came with the setting included, or if we will have to wait until they decide to reactivate the unlock tool.


This seems to be a common issue with Android, jumping from an older to a newer version, will forward this to the team so that they can look into it.