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ROG phone 8 unlocking capabilities

Rising Star I

Many should know by know that Asus has been under a bit of scrutiny since they seeming closed the Unlocking servers for their phones and got rid of the unlocking tool for both the zenfone and ROG line.

This prevented users from unlocking the phone's bootloader,  and took away the ability of developers to code and maintain custom versions of Android for the phones.

Considering Asus only promises 2 years of major software updates, the possibility to develop custom versions of android added potential longevity to the devices, as users could simply load and develop ROMs based on future android versions beyond those provided by ASUS.

I would like to confirm if the unlocking tools/servers will return, or if anyone that buys an ROG phone 8 can confirm if they at least provided the Bootloader unlock option in settings.


Star I

They are not providing any support, neither they are providing servers for bootloader unlock. I bought it 2 days back. I tweeted and tagged authorities as well. I filed a consumer case as well against them with all the proofs.


Rising Star I

I mean, unless you are in Taiwan and filed with the authorities in the same place the Asus headquarters are, I don't think they'll listen.

I am requesting everyone. DO NOT BUY THIS **bleep**  if you want to unlock the bootloader as they do not provide support for unlock tool.

I mean, Samsung US, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and Huawei all ban you from unlocking the bootloader.

In my case I don't care that much, I'm more about the hardware. I've only done unlocking once to install a custom rom since the phone's newer software sucked.