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Resolved! Asus ROG phone 8 new update problem

Why this new update 34.1420.1420.407 ruins everything? There is frame drop everywhere in the game now especially in honkai star rail used to be max fps now drop to 40-55 with no stable fps even I Active x mode, the fps still drop.Please fix it. Why s...

Deneb11 by Star II
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Rog 8 pro

With this 34.1420.1420.407 new update totally ruined my air triggers it becomes much worst than previous updates and my device temperature goes upto to 48°c ...I really disappointed and regret for this 1300 dollars device which is useless...Asus same...

White Noise when aux attached to port

There's a considerable amount of white noise heard when the volume is between 40%-60%I'm on the latest firmware:- 34.1420.1420.407This sound appears regardless of ANC ON/OFFAudio wizard :- headphones work perfectly on other device...

Honor of Kings is finally coming to Europe!

Honor of Kings - The world’s most played Mobile MOBA is coming to Europe on June 20th. And what better way to play it than on the ROG Phone 8 Series in blazing 120 fps! To celebrate we are also giving away an exclusive in-game code on June 20th, so ...

HOK_ROG Phone 8.jpg HOK_ROG Phone 8.jpg

New update is rolling out.

- First thing i notice on my ROG 8 pro is the AniMe Vision animation got a little faster the animation looks smoother when using the Republic of gamers that changed to ROG in text animation. - The device temp for me is 2C lower from 33C to 31C on nor...

Koudmaker by Rising Star II
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More power

Hello everyone, I come with an unusual request, I need the best settings in advanced options for tuning the power of the device for benchmarking, thank you in advance for your help and best regards. 


Resolved! Interface not responding

When using the phone I occationally get a error saying that the Interface has stopped working and need to shut it down. This makes the screen go black, then rebooting the interface and making me unlock the phone again. Happens after a hour or two all...

Call of duty and Controller

Hey everyone,I'm having some trouble with my ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 8. Both my DualSense (PS5) controller and Razer Kishi Ultra are connected and work perfectly in every game except Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone. They're just not detected in tho...

Tiktok Lagging

"Ever since I updated to the latest software, I've noticed that TikTok has been lagging, like it's running at 24fps. However, when the app is in the Recent Apps menu, it runs smoothly and normally. But as soon as I go back to the app, it starts laggi...

Ibnu22 by Star I
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