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Asus rog 8 garbage for $1000

I'm posting my review on YouTube, on behalf of the owner. Let's see who gets the most views... I will tell you the whole truth about the garbage called ROG PHONE 8 and 8 Pro. I hope the bloggers you bought will use your products for life. I did not e...

X Mode crash

My games crashes after o start on x mode. does anyone have a fix on this. or i might be doing something wrong in the settings. 

Rog phone 8 triggers

has anyone come up with a solution with disabling triggers in rog phone 8 pro?

St1ch by Star III
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Slow performance

these benchmark are lower than half as it should. And all of my games lags, even on low graphics. Plz help.

Google pay not working

Google pay doesn't work, I haven't experienced such problems with any other phone for a long time 

MiroS by Rising Star I
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Anime vision notification ...

Hi , I don't understand the meaning of anime vision, why are there notifications in the settings when they don't alert, once the LED flashes and that's it, nothing more, how is this function meant then ...

MiroS by Rising Star I
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Resolved! Rog phone 8 pro

Is it wise to buy rog phone 8 pro right now??I want to upgrade from rog 6 pro....Or should I just wait

What's up with AIR TRIGGERS ?

I have Rog 8 pro  , Air triggers random shutdowns in the mid of fights i thought my fingers are getting older but then I tested out in settings and found out they ain't working well .If I press them they will randomly stop getting pressed and will ra...

ADH by Rising Star II
  • 18 replies
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Just updated Phone.

Just updated ... I have news that there is no software solution for Airtrigger. Airtrigger are clicked system and can't be fixed using software.They Fix the cooler button issue which i wanted most.They improved stability in cooler.Airtrigger (shoulde...


Is there a zip already available for download on Tencent?

GiStaW by Star II
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