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Asus Rog 8 Pro from speaker has no cover or net, I can see inside

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@Rog8pro Rog phone 8 pro #ASUS ROG 8 PRO

Hi all,

Need help on this please. Yesterday I purchased this mobile. Can you please confirm why there is no cover or net on this ear speaker of this mobile. I can see inside the speaker why there is no cover. Is this like this? Or is this defective. Can any one check and confirm as this is a new phone. I am sharing screenshot. Kindly please review and call.


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Cześć wszystkim, też nie ma takowej siatki a po lewej stronie jest mała dziurka w której widać wnętrze z ukrytym głośnikiem resztą otworu to po prostu wgłębienie  A poza tym rozkleja się po lewej stronie i prawej stronie telefonu 

Hi Thanks for your reply.  So this means it's normal right. It's not a defect on the phone correct? Will wait for others to reply also. I need for reply from others aswell who has purchased ASUS ROG 8 Pro phone.

I am also rog phone 8 pro user, my phone's earpiece speaker looks just same like your phone.

Thanks for confirming.