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Asus Terrible Service

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I had enough with Asus. My first asus device which is ROG 2 broke almost 5 times in the past 2 years . And everytime i sent it to service center , it always take more than a month . Oh and i thought maybe my luck is bad for getting a bad batch of device. When i use ROG 2 phone , and because of the phone always broke , and ended up bought a second phone just to use it while my first phone ( rog ) been repaired .
And now i bought Asus ROG 5S and guess what ? It broke before i even use it in a 2 months 🤣 and my phone already been 1 month there without anything been changed . I only get "Thanks for your inquiry! Your product waits for spare parts with longer lead-time. Service center will contact you within 3 business days. " . Nobody contact me or anything.
And i had to bought another secondary phone too because my work do need me to use mobile device 😭 I'm so upset for Asus. Why dont they just give me a new device ?
Oh my ROG 5S didn't even have a game inside 🤣 bought it and never even got chance to put sim card on it. But still motherboard could broke for some reason.
When i use ROG 2 , i use Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro and had a speaker problem and the day i sent my device to Service Center , they straight call me in the same day telling they will give me a new device . And guess what ! They even give me a new Seal Mi 11T Pro 🤣
I wish i could sue ASUS for this . But hiring a lawyer in my country is like you need to bought 1kg of golds just for lawyer 🤣
Total entering service center for rog 2 : 5 times
Total entering service center for rog 5s : 1 times within a months of usage.
I promise to myself , dont even think to use ASUS PRODUCT ever again 😎



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Oh don't tell me if I'm the one who using my device wrong .
Before i even use ROG , i use Samsung device more than 10 years and in those year i never ever had anything problem with the device. I also use Apple device and also never ever had anything problem with the device .
So no , it's not how i use my phone and why my ROGs keep broken , but this is asus don't even have a quality control for their own hardware .

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Hi XiiSharkz ,
We have sent the direct message to you. Could you provide us with the product serial number through direct message? We apologize for any inconvenience caused you.

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I already sold the device . It took my ROG 5s to finish repaired like 2 months . Funny thing is I only use it less than 2 months 🤣 I'm not gonna stay with your company again . It really mess up my life so bad . Had to buy second phone just for waiting my newly ROG 5s get repaired 🤣

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