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Air Trigger Issue in ROG 8 Pro

Rising Star II

Air trigger pressure are much higher and not stable at all even you set lowest on Pressure button setting from AC . Sometime it work and sometime doesn't. When you connect Aero Active cooler X the air trigger are less stable and required more pressure. ASUS should fix this for the all gamers who all love ROG Phone Series. Else they will never buy upcoming ROG series Phone in future.

I think The Pressure on air trigger should be fix with less Force on trigger with more stability. The Problem will be sort out easily.

I hope Asus ROG Phone Team will read my comment and will sort out in next update and reply to me.

Please Asus Fix this issue. Eveyone facing this issue who bought ROG 8 Pro.

In other feature the phone is very good .


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Rising Star II

Dear moderator we know how to use it because we are using this from the past 4-5 year of previous Phone. 

Just i want to clear that it can be fix with low pressure and with more stability.

Asus can do it cause they already putted a pressure setting on button. If they able to do it with less pressure on trigger with an update im sure this will be fix.

Right now the Air Triggers required double the Pressure then the Previous Phone we were using .

These Triggers are unstable also they don't work with consistency. These area can be fix with software update.

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Star III

The airtrigger can not be fixed because its downgraded the version before

Rising Star II

I think it can be fix what it need to do if asus fix the Force on Triggers. Which is right now is very high Pressure and less stability.

I think it can be fix with software update.

Or Asus should replace the triggers with ultrasonic triggers . As they already did in ROG 5 phone who were facing  Wi-Fi issue and they replaced the Board with ROG 5S Pro for every device who got Wi-Fi device off.

Asus has replaced the air triggers for a click system instead of the sensors, which makes this not possible, I read from various channels

I wish to buy the ASUS Phone 8 pro but I need guarantee that triggers work, most important for me, are you sure Asus will be changing there triggers on new phone 8, they ony need to copy what is best and functioning no need to invent any disaster.

In your opinion shall I wait to get the better trigger phone 8 version?