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Air Trigger Issue in ROG 8 Pro

Rising Star II

Air trigger pressure are much higher and not stable at all even you set lowest on Pressure button setting from AC . Sometime it work and sometime doesn't. When you connect Aero Active cooler X the air trigger are less stable and required more pressure. ASUS should fix this for the all gamers who all love ROG Phone Series. Else they will never buy upcoming ROG series Phone in future.

I think The Pressure on air trigger should be fix with less Force on trigger with more stability. The Problem will be sort out easily.

I hope Asus ROG Phone Team will read my comment and will sort out in next update and reply to me.

Please Asus Fix this issue. Eveyone facing this issue who bought ROG 8 Pro.

In other feature the phone is very good .

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С последним обновлением вопрос с триггерами практически решен. Но встал другой вопрос, а именно Wi Fi сеть ловит на 30% меньше чем другие телефоны. Пропускная способность интернета ниже чем в других телефонах других производителей и расстояние на котором можно подключиться к Wi Fi ниже на на пару метров. У меня был бы вопрос , это связано с самим модулем Wi Fi или это программно путем обновления надо решить? 

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I'm having the same issue button gets stuck doesn't work right the 5s worked perfect this phone being 1600 should be better but isn't 

Star II

ho un problema con i trigger, si attivano da soli e a volte rimangono attivi senza motivo, un poco snervante, certamente sono molto miglioranti rispetto a un mese fa però c'è bigno di un nuovo aggiornamento del software


Star III

This issue itself is not a bug the phones are defective switching to pressure button instead or using ultra sonic just ruined the whole line of phones those of us with the 8 pro will notice phantom trigger lock random stops and I know that it's the way the phone was built the screen is effecting the pressure switches there's a ton of people having issues it's not just us here and this issue was not fixed or solved yet the only way to fix it is to switch back the buttons asus

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There all defective I'm trying to figure out who to talk too the pressure button and the screen activate the buttons slightest counter force and they'll bug I found out today when I was testing call of duty which is what I bought this phone for so annoyed too