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system and battery

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the phone gets too hot while watching YouTube! this is something unheard of. phone for $1000+. yes, it happens on the mobile internet, but the video is pre-loaded, that is, the traffic is not used. when I watch at wifi, I did not notice such a problem. and also noticed a significant slowdown and heating in games, which was not there before the last update. **bleep** it - this is a "top" phone for games. this is the first and last Asus in my life. decided to take a risk and in vain! I would rather buy an iPhone.


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This issue is caused by android 14. Many users ( me included ) are suffering from high overheating. 

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as an ordinary user, I do not want to understand the updates and features of this or that phone model. I just want a phone that costs like an iPhone 14 pro max to last me at least 3 years before it starts to bug and make me nervous! if Asus does not solve this problem in a shorter period of time, this will be the last equipment of this company in my family, and all friends and acquaintances will receive a corresponding review about the "glorious" Asus.