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Still problems after update 34.1010.0820.65.

Rising Star II

I updated my phone a little over a week ago to system 34.1010.0820.65. System A14 now feels more stable than before, but there is still a lot to improve. The FPS problem was fixed a bit, but there are still bad problems with it. In Call of duty Mobile the fps is stable 120-122 in matches where there is little activity but then when I go to matches where there is a lot of activity and many players the fps is still really unstable and bounces between 40-120 and makes the phone lag and overheat. Warzone mobile works flawlessly on my friend's 400 euro phone and has a stable 60fps, but on this Rog7 my fps is 30-50 and the game lags a lot. I made a new log file where I didn't use a screen recorder on this Rog 7, but I played on this phone and filmed my gameplay in cod Mobile on another phone, so could you send them to the developers? @Mattias_ASUS 



Hi @JimiK 
Sure! Please send me a PM with the link to the log and I'll forward it to them 🙂

I send it ✌️

Hi, By the way, did you get the log and the video I sent you?