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Setting a timer by manually going into the app or using Google Assistant

Star III

Ever since being on A14, when I use the clock app whether it is via going to the app or through google assistant to set a timer, the timer does not start and or it disappears from the action menu and not being displayed at the very top near the system time (is gone). This happens from time to time.



Which firmware are you on? And have you tried clearing the clock cache from the system?

Hi Mattias, I am currently on WW_34.1010.0820.60 A14 and I cleared it now it was at 9MB.

I will update here if it happens again with the new changes.

Normally a cache clear solves many issues, please keep me updated if the issue persists

So it did persist and the cache was only 164kb. Another way to tell is that whether you are in the clock app or in another app or if the phone is closed, the hourglass logo on the top left should be there next to the system time and it is not. I had to manually go back into the app and track the time for the falaffel in the mixer 

Attached photo shows the hourglass working  at one point after clearing the cache and showing  when I open the control menu from the top down. It would display how many mins left and when the time is up to dismiss it as normal.