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ROG Vision notifications stuck on display after a while

Star II

I have this intermittent issue where if I have the rog vision screen notifications enabled, sometimes after a random while (could be a day or less or more), the vision screen will be stuck showing the notifications only, and not going back to showing screen on. It will display notifications even though they don't appear when I swipe down from the top to see notifications below the quick actions. I am attaching a screenshot of the view that was stuck on my screen when I posted this, even though my notifications are empty (the mail app is showing a blue dot but there are no notifications to dismiss). This issue has been happening since I bought the phone, and I am currently on firmware V33.0820.0810.206

Note that I use a VPN app called Clash for Android, and it will display a permanent notification to stay running, but it normally plays fine with the vision notifications feature.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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