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Rog Phone 7 Downgrade Software!

Zen Master I

Can anyone help me to downgrade the Rog Phone 7 firmware please? 

I stupidly updated to the latest WW-33.0820.0810.217 Firmware & now my Rog Phone 7 is basically f***ed. Overheating, battery life issues & cpu being ruined by "Android System". 

I want to revert back to an older firmware however I'm unable to find anywhere to download the old firmware from.

If anyone could provide a link/step by step method to downgrade that would be great.

For those of you who haven't updated their Rog phone 7 to the latest update, DO NOT UPDATE. It will ruin your phone.


Rising Star I

I have the same problem, if 40c reaches the main menu suddenly, the fan of the phone accelerates. And this aero avtive coler opens every second in normal use, I'm going crazy. hopefully aeroactive 

yep exact same here. Need to find a way to downgrade or if not possible, I will just get a refund from ASUS. Will phone them first thing tomorrow morning. In the mean time if you find a way to downgrade software let me know, I will do the same 👍👍

I think there was an 8gb version on the page 

What do you mean ?