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How to activated ram extension on rog phone 7?

Star I

For admin moderator and developers, theres a big issue when playing CarX street. Somehow the game always working in maximum CPU GPU and Ram load. Please let extension ram feature enable. Since i play the game on poco F4 GT with no issues(with extension ram enabled).



Hello, ROG Phone does not have this feature.

Why sir? We need this feature. What happen with asus rog? Every brand have the feature?

Ram Extension is not a feature available on every brand, Poco is one of those who has it.


I was testing myself and I was not getting the max CPU and GPU load, while the GPU was a bit higher around 80% the CPU for me rarely went over 50% on Xmode, and that was with the Settings all maxed out.

It seems that something else is could be producing the issue you are experiencing, have you tried reinstalling the game?

Yes sir, the funny thing is, on poco i have no trouble. Yes i was install and uninstall the game 3times. Sir you need to play the game for 15mins or more to experiencing the problem. Also you can check on youtube about this problem sir. My request is, asus make car x game more competible or enable ram extension feature please.