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ROG 7 Ultimate or S23 Ultra?

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I’ve been looking to upgrade my 7+ and decided these are the two best options. Im almost sold on the ROG 7 but there are some things i’m worried about.

1440p vs 1080. Anyone who has used 1440p on a phone, is it noticeably a better experience? Is the 1440p negligible?

Software updates. 2 years of updates sounds horrid for a phone that could realistically last 10 years. Is it easy to manually install os?

If anyone here has tried both phones, i’d love your perspective because i have no idea what the differences of the OS are and there really isnt a lot of content on youtube comparing them. I really dont care about the camera, they are both eons better than the 7+ 😂


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S23 Ultra easy. 

The rog series is way to unreliable and buggy to be considered. 

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For now asus hasn't made the bootloader unlock tool accessible, so yeah if it continues to be like this software longevity will be an issue (when it will be possible i'm thinking about mantaining LineageOS for the base rog 7). 

But in the end it all comes down to whether you want gaming features (some of which are absolutely comparable to cheating) or not.