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ROG Phone 7 Charging Problems

Star I

Has anyone here been experiencing charging problems recently? My ROG phone's charging pattern has been abnormal these past few days, with my device sometimes not charging at all or, at the very least, stopping mid-charge. I just wanted to ask if it's a software problem everyone has been experiencing or an actual problem with my phone.


Rising Star I

What I have experienced is that sometimes when I charge, there is an occasional interruption where the power doesn't charge, but then it starts charging again after a few seconds. However, for now, I haven't encountered it again.

Rising Star II

The same thing happens to me sometimes. The phone charges but sometimes the charging stops for a second and the phone starts charging again. Also, sometimes when the phone is on the charger on the table and I'm not using it, its temperature rises to 43°C.

Rising Star I

I also felt the same thing, the hot temperature

Rising Star II

Same here.