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Rog 7 ultimate worth to buy ?

Star I

I was really stress thinking about buying rog 7 ultimate or s23u..I knw if I buy samsung I can use it for more than 5 years...for gaming yeah rog 7 ultimate the best phone in the world but how long I can use it ? I don't really want to buy a phone with many problems and short lifespan...I really want to buy rog 7 ultimate but me guys


Rising Star II

I go from samsung to asus its more open software phone you have more options for customize and game option if you wont good camera and perfect display samsung is the phone but if you wont good gaming experience buy rog phone but if i was on your place i will wait for 8 gen plus 2 processor and next rog phone generation becouse rog phone use 8 gen 2 processor now and there have a different

I'm using s22u as my main phone now...need a gaming phone..yeah rog is the best for gaming..playing game for hours on my s22u no lagging less heat ! Really smooth....I can't imagine playing on rog phone 😍 really worried about the phone if I buy rog phone I want to use for at least 4 years...its expensive