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RAM memory

Star II

Anyone know how to occupy space for memory of this phone? I tried deleted two games arknights and COC still it's the same 🤔



Rising Star II

yea, that's why i said u can't get your max ram. u can only get your max ram if you uninstall your OS lol

Rising Star II

Hi @Kyouzo 
ThIs CoUlD Be DuE tO bAcKgRoUnD pRoCeSsEs, HoW mAnY aPpS aRe OpEn In ThE bAcKgRoUnD?

What are u , 12? Bro is just tryin to do his job and you act like a kid? U should be ashamed.

being a professional didn't help so i decided to behave like a kid lol. Also he start it first by ignoring all complaints even after he told many user to create the log.


he didn't even reply to more serious bugs, and decided to reply easy case like this one.


regarding his problem

try run your phone on safe mode to see if it's third party apps or the OS it self that take your ram. If booting in safe mode give you 15gb+ then it's safe to say that 1gb is your phone preserve the ram for the apps installed. If u willing to try, uninstall all apps that u can uninstall and see your free ram then.

But @Mattias_ASUS ain't a dev? How is he supposed to fix it? Grow up