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RAM memory

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Anyone know how to occupy space for memory of this phone? I tried deleted two games arknights and COC still it's the same 🤔



who told him to fix it ? anyone stupid enough to told a moderator to fix the program shouldn't be on this forum. Moderator job is explore more on what the user complaint and filtering which is the bugs and which is the user problem specific. And this one job he didn't even doing it correctly. The least he can do is not ignoring all user after he ask them to provide him with logs. who knows if he properly told or did he even told the dev what the user want. Nevermind the last part, the main problem is he gone missing and evade on the main problem which is overheat.


Grow up ? if this is me from 5 years ago, ill just sell my phone and go to other brand like what i did with xiaomi. I'm still here and trying to help but what did i get ? ignorance and nothing.

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Also, deleting games ain't gonna clear the ram @Kyouzo that's for programs in use, 14 is hella high.

The ram and the storage are different things 



@snowdance @RobLake 

Please stop fighting, this is not related to @Kyouzo's issue and it is not helping.

@snowdance I did send the logs and did everything but I have no new information to write as I have not received anything else besides than "temperature seems normal" it's a couple of degrees above A13 but it's still normal.

did the dev have the phone with android 13 and android 14 installed ? let them compare the phone performance and temp in the same environment, mine got 10c diff and its not a couple of degrees, its a whole 10.


regarding this thread problem, i wanna ask too about my ram. mine only got 8gb version and the amount of ram left was 3.3gb without apps opening, and i turned off most of the background apps sync except whatsapp, instagram and gmail. is this normal ?


edit: the main problem was highest temp and the second problem was the temp go higher faster compared when in android 13, in 13 it take around 2-3 hours to reach the highest temp 41c or 42c. in 14 it only take 20 min to reach 42c and 40-60 min to reach 45c or 47c. It's like the phone it self failed to cool down.

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Actually nevermind already fixed it I was outdated software version everything 


 for the record only one obviously android OS