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New Update Available Version .76

Rising Star I

Hey guys, new update is available to even more heat up your devices I guess. Anyone upgrading remember to drop a review. 

Thanks in advance. 



You're right, I'm like that too

There is still a lot of work to be done so that the temperature is the same as in the Android 13 system--->

erm and where do you live in Greenland? 32c during warzones, even codm after half an hour with a13 I had 35c or more so that explains the temperature nicely here thank you

Rising Star II

Hey. The temperature inside my house is around 22°C. I play Warzone with a cooler, without a cooler the temperature rises to around 38°C while playing Warzone.

Rising Star I

.76 looks fine so far but it is necessary to do a factory reset, before that you made a full backup and so far the update behaves fine