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How can I downgrade the system software?

Star III

After I updates the software to 33.0820.0810.121, my phone gone hotter, charge slower, use lagger, and even sometimes, auto shutdown. After sent to Asus Service Center in Malaysia, nothing is done, just .12345+ in calculator is made, nothing is fixed. 


And went to Asus Globe to Complain, nothing come back in return even shared my logs of my phone.


Sorry to ask, is Asus doing fine these day? 


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He has a brocken device

Cam is cracker device was falling down

Yes I read that but the issues he's described sound like software issues (I've seen and encountered similar issues before with software updates)

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Same time he has kill the device

Its a hot move

When the device make downgrade and hardwair fail is available the downgrade stop(selfcheck) then its semi or full brick but nothing comes up

And he is actual alone with this problem

But test it

I understand but nothing he's mentioned seems hardware related. I've faced same issues as him on my previous Rog 2 Rog 3 Rog 5 Rog 6 and Rog 7. All were software related 

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I know this but its a hot move and say its all easy to downgrade is not truth and you know its critical every single flashing