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How can I downgrade the system software?

Star III

After I updates the software to 33.0820.0810.121, my phone gone hotter, charge slower, use lagger, and even sometimes, auto shutdown. After sent to Asus Service Center in Malaysia, nothing is done, just .12345+ in calculator is made, nothing is fixed. 


And went to Asus Globe to Complain, nothing come back in return even shared my logs of my phone.


Sorry to ask, is Asus doing fine these day? 


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You need asus service

When battery is damage the device can Burnout

My batt is still fine, it's still normal I would say 

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Yes i think  your mainboard has a hairline crack

When i have right the move with up or downgrade brick the device

But test and see

Wish you luck

Well, Asus service center don't even open my phone to check, but I'm pretty sure this is their way to earn from warranty.

No idea why he's saying your device will get bricked. He's clueless. I have been on Asus forums for several years now, plus you can look at my XDA rating, I'm a senior member. The main aspect to downgrade is to ensure you flash the correct ROM that matches your region. For example I'm in the UK so I flashed the WW ROM. Look at the XDA link I sent you, I have made step by step how to safely downgrade.