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Future of ROG 7.

Star III

Guys, I am very disappointed with the work of people who release firmware. I want to understand what to expect and whether to wait at all for an update or a solution to the ASUS A14 firmware problem. Let me know if they are even working on bug fixes or should I take my chances using the method from the "DROIDWIN" website? By the way, has anyone tried downgrading the firmware using this method?

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the problems will not be fixed, I will go to the service center, just go there 3 times with the same problem and they will return the money or a completely new device which you can then sell on and end up with Asus, I recommend that everyone do this if there is no repair by this day, i.e. in less than a week, let them see Asus reaction to ignoring it, it's disgusting and I'm so sad I liked Asus very much, but this ignoring without fixing it put me off, @Mattias_ASUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're right, Sam. There are no developers here. They can only provide bad updates but can't fix them. Some of us create logs for them, but they just respond with "everything is fine." Do they not have the ROG 7 and haven't tried it themselves to see why all these bugs exist? They say logs are supposed to make it easier to find bugs, but there has been no progress for almost several weeks now. I don't want to give negative comments, BUT THIS IS A FACT.

Developers should have more knowledge and not just focus on logs. But when given logs, they just comment "everything is fine." Some of us complain a lot about bugs and other issues, even creating logs and videos, but they choose according to their wishes.

I'm also confused about how to go back to Android 13, especially since the Asus service center is quite far away, 

Can only hope for the next update, which will take a very long time

Rising Star I

@Mattias_ASUS prosím reakci a predejnco se tu děje a jak jsou lidé nasrany dál,vím že za to zbpupky nemůžeš ale prosím aspoň komunikuj snami bo tohle nejde takhle do nekonečna