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fingerprint less sensitive

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dont know since when , fingerprint to unlock device getting difficult , change all the way of fingers also very hard to unlock (about 20times only 1 or 2 times can get unlock .) nvr have this problem before . tried delete old record & save new fingerprints , 1st day it was fine , when day 2 it begin hard to unlock already .



Hello @dante3ng 

Are you using a screen protector?

yes , i do using a screen protector(tempered glass) . but at the beginning using this screen protector that was no issue with the fingerprint(used this screen protector about 4months already) .

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i don't think your problem will get solved anytime soon

already sound my mind months ago and nobody even care


just go to the RMA/Service Center and told them this :

1. my phone heated up very quick compared to prev OS

2. it also generated more heat, just say 10-15c diff, this is not a lie, told them to check this forum where the post logs if they don't trust you

3. this is the important part, tell them that asus global on zentalk didn't acknowledge this problem until later, and when they acknowledge and decided to roll out an update that will solve the problem, the problem still persist. Tell them you wait for 6 months already.

4. if they said they can't downgrade your phone because it has security issue said from the server, tell them to try again and say other people got the downgrade so why can't I.


i got mine downgraded today and everything work perfectly from the temp issue till the fingerprint issue and the performance actually better on android 13.



- don't bother to backup your phone, you can't restore it as this is a downgrade, not factory reset or update

- ask them for the build .241

- if you live in Indonesia, PM/DM me I'll give the RMA number in my town for them to contact in case they said they can't do the downgrade


edit: don't forget to turn off auto update or all of this will be in vain.

thanks for advice , i will try . but may i ask is that your phone's issue  get solved ?