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Rising Star II

If you're considering buying a phone from Asus, don't really buy it and I recommend telling others that you shouldn't buy phones from this company. The money just goes to waste and you don't get anything in return for your money. Almost 4 months passed when Asus gave our Rog 7 phones the Android 14 system, which ruined them. After that, these are no different from low end phones in any way and even some low end phones have a better gaming experience than these. Asus has given us several "corrective" updates, but the problems are not fixed, they get worse, and there have been more problems as well. They don't even respond to our numerous requests for help, they just ignore them. The problems would be fixed if they gave us a downgrade to the Android 13 system, but they refuse to give it. If you want a phone with power and a good gaming experience, I recommend going around this $hit company from afar.


Star II

I heard rumor from others that comes from inside of Asus that they intentionally do this as to lure people give up the rog 7 and to buy the rog 8... which it is a **bleep**ty phone with many bug out of box. If this is true, they are looking for lawsuits of billion of dollars, even Apple lost the case in court when consumer found out and reported the software updates were intentionally slow down their phone. 

No worry, I don't think people will ever trust Asus or buy for them anymore, their phone brand has ruined by themselves the way they do this. Just hope others won't have same bad experience as us, just spread around with social media...after 6-12 months, their engineer will be relieve as no longer need to fix **bleep**..since won't have any customer buying this **bleep**.

I've been thinking the same thing because Rog 7 is much more popular and better than Rog 8 because it has a lot of problems even though it was just released. I will not buy anything from this $hit company again and I hope no one else will either. I have never received such bad service from any manufacturer's technical support and customer service before. Asus is a complete scam company. It's a **bleep**1ng fine thing to pay well over €1000 for the phone and then the manufacturer ruins the phone.

Rising Star II

That's why you don't buy rog phone, I learned my lesson on the rog phone  5, gladly that was my first rog phone and will be my last, they totally abandoned the rog 5 performance they didn't even managed to fix the issue for the low cpu usage while gaming which cause massive frame drop in every game. And asus ignore all the complains of their users, I even email them and the only reply I get is "will look into it" what a joke 😂 better buy a red magic or iqoo phone reasonable price and less bug issue or none at all. And also btw my friend has the rog phone 8 and on the latest update dynamic mod is broken in genshin impact 20 to 30fps  random frame drops 😂😂😂

Rising Star I

This is my first time using rog and it was a bad experience

Rising Star II

Same here. I bought this 6 months ago and for almost the last 4 months this has been useless.