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Rising Star I


why rog charger only 10w~11w ?? Should be 65w for normal usage and it only trim down w if steady charge enable right?

No difference reading when I enable steady charge. Anyone know about this ?


Rising Star I

I'm not sure what's going on with it, but the experience I had while charging the battery took more than 1 hour

Try checking in the battery maintenance settings whether the stable charging feature is active. If it's active, try turning it off because having that feature on may slow down the battery charging. There are effects if you activate this feature, as it's useful for maintaining the battery with slow charging.

I didn't turned on those. But it still having same results 

how many hours does it take to charge the battery ?

I watched YouTube, and it said it would take 20 minutes to fully charge, but after that time, the battery percentage didn't increase and the ETA remained at 20 minutes.