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Resolved! Bypass charging issue with Aero Active Cooler 7

Im using rog 7 ultimate with the latest update WW-33.0820.0810.208. Bypass Charging without the cooler seems to work properly however, when aero active cooler is connected that's when the bypass charging seems not to work anymore, the battery percent...

R4ZE by Star II
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Mobile legends game

Hi. I'm using ROG 7 ultimate. And I've been experiencing sound issues when I play mobile legends. All of a sudden the sound would disappear. This really affects my game 


Why can't I get the latest update via OTA 33.0820.0810.208

7 ultimate questions

I just received my phone 7 ultimate and I've got some questions.On the back of the phone there's a black square near the lock button, I can't figure out this is? If you tap it it kind of rattles making me think it's something movable? I can't find an...

yamat5 by Star I
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Can't connect aeroactive 7 after update

I bought rog 7 ultimate today,Im trying the aeroactive 7 and update .After I take out and put it back the aeroactive 7 is not working and also no rgb light . Please help me 

Whoop Pairing

I see this has been posted for the Zen phone but thought I would post here as it is an issue with the ROG Phone 7 and several other Android phones as well. The Whoop app will not successfully connect to the strap. However, if I go into the phone sett...

Marky1 by Star I
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ROG Phone 7 low sound speaker

the first time I used it everything felt fine, but after 4 days of using the speaker volume I had a problem, the cellphone has never been dropped or entered by water, which I previously set volume to quarter bar already got a thick and quite loud sou...

Dont buy Asus phone or hardware

If you are wondering whether to buy Asus phone, let me just sayI advise against buying Asus equipment, because when something breaks down, the manufacturer does not care about the costs to which the user is exposedWithin 2 years of purchase, the phon...

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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