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Asus Rog phone 7 ultimate need update are listening  

Pls developer bt+bt le+codec lc3

I would like the developers to take a good look at the bluetooth section and especially at the connection of the Bluetooth LE mode and the Lc3 codec, so that they can go through the diagnostics, it seems to me that it is not working correctly

jirk223 by Rising Star I
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Rog 7 numbers in screen

good day i have a rog 7 8/265 global version unfortunately it has a numbers on the screen it very annoying while browsing or in gaming can anyone tell me what's the problem and how to fix it  

IMG_20240528_085347.jpg IMG_20240525_084854.jpg
ftjkme by Star I
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Rog 7 a14bt Le codeclc3

Does anyone here work with headphones via bluetooth Le mode, specifically Lc3 properly? It seems to me that a14 has a problem with connecting to bluetooth Le and switching to Lc3 codec, I have creative zen air pro, and I have quite a problem switchin...

jirk223 by Rising Star I
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Asus Rog phone 7 ultimate

Please provide downgrade option for asus rog phone 7 ultimate . Than after you can find A14 bugs peacefully.first provide downgrade option to A13 so many asking for that provide it 

S H I T mobile

Asus Rog phone 7 ultimate need update are listening 


I need update 

Full FPS drop in games

Hi, Are you hearing problems of customers?@mattias_Asus . WTF is this 1500$ mobile is for **bleep**ing for calls even I playing asphalt 9 I getting 56 FPS/60. There is no reply for any questions are you  dead like asus  7 ultimate Mobile (**bleep**) ...

Log Tool having Bug

Hi guys,Now about the next bug that I got today itself after the network issue that I mentioned in the previous post a few minutes ago.After just opening Codm for 5 minutes I closed my phone and when I unlocked it again the triggers were still workin...

Saurav_7 by Rising Star I
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Sim Network Issue

Hi guys, I can't explain the level of bugs I'm facing in Rog 7. Even the Log tool has bugs. Today I was having network problem on both of my sims.I was at my home as usual and the network was gone for sim 1 for more than an hour even though sim 1 & s...

Saurav_7 by Rising Star I
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